hi i'm sea and i have measured out my life in coffee spoons. i am currently on HIATUS for school reasons
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tsarkoshei tagged me so let’s f*ckin do this

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do u ever have those nights where ur not drunk??? but u really want greasy food that would only taste REALLY good if u were drunk???

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'Meet the Generation of Incredible Native American Women Fighting to Preserve Their Culture' via Marie Claire

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"why look at personal nudes when you have millions of porn websites where women willingly pose naked???"

you sure about that tho??? can you look me in the eye and tell me that you can tell these women have consented to the sex acts they are in engaging in? no, you can’t. there is a direct correlation to increase in porn consumption and increase in child pornography. former porn stars have come out and said that the porn industry ABUSES women. the porn industry is a perfect venue for human traffickers to make their money, all by abusing women. how many women have to be raped, abused, and flat out sold for your orgasms for you to understand this? literally don’t have time for this, read this and educate yourself before you fucking go praising porn. (trigger warnings in post)

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queenlysam: I think Blood Bank by Bon Iver and Still by Daughter fit your aesthetic pretty well.


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why is my tag broken….

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About me


Name: sea

Age: 17

Self photo: /tagged/visage


Food: mac and cheese

Drink: coffee and diet coke

Book: my top three are the bell jar by sylvia plath, the catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger, and wuthering heights by emily bronte

Movie: dead poets society

TV shows: gilmore girls

Bands: vampire weekend, haim, the vaccines

School subject: english, art, languages

Sport: volleyball

Male actor: marlon brando or hugh dancy

Female actor: clemence poesy or gillian anderson


Siblings: none

Dream job: writer and artist

Fears: growing up, adulthood, failure, being alone

Religion: roman catholic

Tattoos: none

Piercings: my ears, but i want to get a nose ring next june!!!

Languages: only fluent in english, but i take french and want to learn spanish, italian, russian, dutch, arabic, and mandarin (((i love languages)))


Reason behind my url: sylvia plath is the light of my life

Why you joined: i used to go on this forum called hr-encodes and ppl were going to tumblr so i joined

First url: yourereallygoingtobesomeone

# of blogs: only two i think???

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regina spektor - december

december starts on sunday
next sunday
won't you feel happier then?
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rudelatina: ur aesthetic music is a regina spektor impersonator who always sings off key and plays piano with a hook hand

first i was hurt and offended but then i thought of the one criminal from tangled whose dream is to be a concert pianist. then i was shocked and upset.

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reynoldswashburne: Hannah Hunt is your aesthetic

i feel this bc it’s AWESOME but also v sad and i can cry 2 it thank u

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